n e c e s s i t y.

Plastinated circulatory system


御園白粉 多田北烏 1926, Japan Misono osiroi, Tada Hokuu
The horrible dichotomy of having to prove you’re disabled/sick enough but not too disabled/sick. #AcademicAbleism

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This is about the burden of disabilities, mental illnesses, and chronic illnesses in academia but I’m guessing it applies to pretty much any setting where one can request services for disabilities.  Or just life in general.

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Also known as I really need my accommodations but don’t freak out please don’t freak out I promise I can do the work.

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I just want to play video games and watch anime and read manga and sleep right now. I don’t have the energy for much else, especially not this presentation I have for tomorrow. I don’t have the energy to do something no one is going to pay any attention to.


I may have come up with the best name ever.

basketball girl